July 20, 2016

Our Engagement

Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday Post! I thought I would start with how my fiancé finally proposed.

My T and I have been a bit unconventional in our wedding planning. We actually selected our venue and date months before he even bought a ring. We both fell in love with the Branford House and knew we needed to get married there (more on that soon!) So I knew a ring was inevitable. The only stipulation T had in his proposal was that I needed to be completely surprised but catching someone who is always thinking "Maybe tonight" off guard was no easy fete.

However, T managed it. I came home from work exhausted having spent most of my day sitting in snowy traffic. T had been home from work that day and he hopped in the shower minutes after I walked through the door. I changed into an oversized sweatshirt and yoga pants (obviously not any of the meticulously planned outfits I had been hoping to get engaged in). I should have been suspicious, T is not one to shower in the middle of the day unless he is covered in dirt or oil or whatever boys play in. After a few minutes he shouted that he needed a towel. When I walked in I found a message written in the foggy mirror. At first I thought it was a mean joke, not fully realizing what had happened. But then T pulled the ring out from behind the shower curtain.

It wasn't anything extravagant but that's not us. Instead we now have one more special memory from living in our first home together!

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